Orlando Meats – 728 Virginia Drive Orlando

OM Burger

Orlando Meats – 728 Virginia Drive Orlando

After seeing pictures of the Orlando Meats Burger all over social media we just had to drop by and try one. Can’t believe that there is anyone who has not heard of Orlando Meats by now but just in case here is a brief recap.

Orlando Meats is a family-owned, whole animal butcher shop and restaurant, owner Edgar Massoni’s beloved grandfather Don Orlando Massoni, is responsible for starting the family on the road to the appreciation of amazing food that is so evident in their business today.

By building up relationships with local producers they ensure the best quality and provenance of their food purchases, while at the same time supporting sustainable practices. As a result of buying the whole animal they can accommodate most requests and use every part, as they say “It’s a nose-to-tail operation “.

The restaurant part of Orlando Meats is distinctly fast-casual, serving breakfast and lunch dishes each day with almost everything made in-house from scratch, the menu changes daily but still retains some firm favorites utilizing mostly local and seasonal ingredients.

Our menu selections today were:

Medium Rare Burger – Grass Fed Beef, bacon XO sauce, garlic aioli, provolone, on toasted French bread   served with tallow chips and coleslaw, add an egg for only $1. Blending quality cuts of meat is the secret to any burger and Orlando Meats seem to have found the “Holy Grail” in this respect, the Bacon XO sauce compliments but allows the superb beef flavors to satisfy any true burger lover. Medium rare temperature is always our choice and who does not love an egg on your burger. The simply toasted French bread and melty cheese encases what we have come to regard as one of the best burgers we have tasted this year (We eat a Lot) and the Tallow Chips, just WOW!

Shake Hands with Beef – Roast Beef, horseradish, shallot, provolone on a French Roll. Beef, cheese and horseradish, this is a great sandwich and really hits the spot.

Jimmy Pesto – Linguine, sorghum pesto, broccoli rabe, carrot, radish and pecorino. What a great dish, the unusual, but oh so clever use of sorghum in making the pesto coats the linguine like a bright green blanket, the sharp pecorino balances the dish and will leave you looking for the chef to thank him! Creating new and interesting dishes each day is no easy feat, but the team at Orlando Meats stretch the boundaries of creativity and delight their guests with some outstanding dishes cleverly constructed to show off the best flavors and textures of the ingredients. The care, attention and love they take with food preparation from whole animal butchery to creating dishes totally on another level make this an experience you will not want to miss.


We will be back for Breakfast!!!

Orlando Meats serves Breakfast from 8am-11am. Lunch served 11am-close. Brunch served Sunday all day.