Potato Cakes & Chili at George’s Gourmet Cookies.


Potato Cakes & Chili at George’s Gourmet Cookies.

It’s not often a side dish can gain as much popularity as the Potato Cakes at Georges Gourmet Cookies, but they certainly deserve a mention and stand out on their own. Crisp, light and fluffy parcels of tasty potato excellently seasoned and browned to perfection.

Worth the trip to George’s alone, but when paired with one of his excellent, super stuffed sandwiches it makes you realize why his local café is so popular.

George recently won the Peoples Choice Award at the annual Chili Cookoff at Winter Park Farmers Market, so although not the winning chili recipe, his regular chili and homemade cornbread is equally as good and gives you an insight into why anything you order from George will be outstanding.


George’s Gourmet Cookies 501 North Orlando Avenue Suite 234 Winter Park

Tel: 407 622 1499