Prato – 124 N. Park Avenue Winter Park .


Prato –  124 N. Park Avenue Winter Park.

Taking a brief respite from the Winter Park Arts Festival on Saturday we thought we would refresh our memories about Meatballs & Pizza at Prato, one of our favorite weekend lunch options but sadly one we seem to have overlooked recently.

Prato Meatballs – with Roasted Tomato, Cipollini Agrodolce & Mascarpone polenta. These meatballs are deep and rich in flavor, served on top of an extremely well balanced Cipollini onion sauce reduction “Agrodolce” (sweet and sour) and some very tasty mascarpone cheese polenta, the meatballs are priced individually so are a great sharing appetizer or just to get you started, just pick the number depending on how hungry you are.

The ominously named Widowmaker Pizza from the Wood Fired Oven – with Hazelnut Romesco sauce, Cavolo Nero, Fennel Sausage, Farm egg. Perfectly fired Pizza with soft egg sunny side up in the middle. Thin crust with blistered edges, this pizza does not disappoint. The attention paid to the blend of ingredients means no one flavor compromises the other, making one great Pizza. But hey, put an egg on anything and we are sold!

Really happy to see the excellent Cannonau Argiola Costera back on the wine menu. This wine is a warm well balanced ruby red from Sardinia and gets our vote every time, hope it stays on the wine listing.

We promised ourselves we won’t wait as long this time to return.