Slate – Could Not Keep away!

Slate Green T

I told you I would be back, but even I did not think so soon !

Met up with friends at Slate for Brunch on Saturday, I could not be dissuaded from my usual, and now it seems habit forming, Chili and Brown Sugar rubbed Smoked Brisket, but added some Fried Green Tomatoes as a dubious attempt to appear more health conscious (Failed miserably) as we coupled this with an order of Basil Biscuits served with honey citrus butter and berry jam.

My party had to be persuaded to order the Lemon Cornmeal Pancakes , as they all said they could not eat another thing, but the empty plate at the end of the meal made liars of them all.

A BIG shout out to Jerry and all of the team at Slate, excellent service as always, I will be back to check out the Dinner options soon !!!

You can find Slate at: 8323 West Sand Lake Road Orlando

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