Steak on Fire 7541 Sand Lake Road Orlando

Top Sirlion

Steak on Fire 7541 Sand Lake Road Orlando.

Bruno Andreoli and his brother Andre describe their concept as a totally unique dining experience, combining juicy cuts of steak normally found in Brazilian Churrasco Steakhouses and presenting them on grilled Ciabatta bread. This idea was borne out of a desire to combine the American culture of eating meat in a bun with the Brazilian love of grilled meats. And it seems to work.

Chef Luis explained that all the meats are butchered on site and the bread specially baked for Steak on Fire by a local supplier, in addition all sauces are made from scratch (Luis makes an excellent Chimichurri).

The simple ordering system and stripped back menu make this fast-casual restaurant ideal for those in a hurry who do not want to compromise on quality or freshness. You can order your choice of meat on bread or on a plate or with salad. In addition to the regular Churrasco favorites of Flank, Ribeye, Filet Mignon and Top Sirloin steak you can also choose Chicken Breast, Lamb Chops, Sausage and Pork.

We chose:

Flank Steak on CiabattaMedium Flank steak on a grilled Ciabatta roll served with Chimichurri Sauce, Peppers and Onions. Flank steak cut across the grain makes this sandwich tender and juicy with the bread, peppers and onions having that perfect char.

Steak Sand

Cut Sandwich

Top Sirloin Steak on a PlateAn 8oz medium Top Sirloin steak sliced on the bias served with seasoned roast potatoes, grilled vegetables and Chimichurri Sauce. Cooked to perfection and a steal at $11.95.

Golden Cheese bites –  Grilled cheese served with a sweet and spicy jam. Great as a side or a snack

The quality of the modern interior design belies the exterior of this and all strip mall operations, so hats off to the Andreoli brothers for this unexpected aspect and attention to detail.

Cheese Bloc

Why choose Steak on Fire? Well numerous reasons come to mind but let’s settle on these three.

Fresh Quality Meats with provenance – Very reasonable prices – Ultra quick and friendly service

Chef Luis left us in no doubt of his passion for quality ingredients, he certainly loves steak, and it shows!