Tartine Wine Bar & Eatery 2445 Edgewater Drive Orlando

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Tartine Wine Bar & Eatery 2445 Edgewater Drive Orlando

Tartine is a match made in heaven. By taking the culture and passion of an amazing Chef de Patisserie in the form of Francois Cahagne, the owner and inspiration behind Tartine and combining them with the skills and food insight of husband & wife chef duo, Josh Martin and Jamie Wikeen Martin, Tartine for us was a true delight.

There is so much to tell you about Tartine, we will not be able to fit it all in to one review. The restaurant has a modern, light and airy French Bistro feel with amazing and friendly service from a knowledgeable and welcoming staff. From the amazing food to the superb Viennese coffee from Julius Meinl, to the eclectic selection of French wines and beers (you must try the Ch’TI) from Francois home village in the North of France, and who could forget the delicious desserts, breads and pastries (more of that in subsequent posts).


The menu is varied, taking influences from Francois French heritage and family recipes as well as west coast and southern influences from the Martin Chef team. Whatever you decide upon, the plating and presentation of each and every dish is beautiful, every item on the plate or board has a reason to be there to compliment another element or stands on its own.

It was difficult to choose what to eat as everything sounded so good, so on this visit we tried the following menu items with a resolve to return again soon.

Diable Oeuf – A spicy deviled egg, poor-man caviar, chives and pickled Fresno peppers. From the Hors d’oevres section of the Tartine menu these egg bites pay homage to the deviled egg, but Chef Josh brings a delicate twist to both the presentation and taste profile. We could have eaten a plate full!

Egg (1)

Charcuterie & Fromage – The cheese selection encompasses Harbison cellar (a soft Brie style), Cabot (a cloth bound Cheddar) & Reypenaer (a hard Gouda styling) The Charcuterie selection features, Saucisson sec with herbs, Speck & Black truffle pate. All served with house made pickles, preserves, stone- ground mustard and homemade bread. Charcuterie Boards can be very lackluster and follow a very formulaic approach, but not so this one from Tartine, each element fought for its place on the assembled board with taste delights at every bite. If you share this with a companion you will undoubtedly fight over the Black Truffle Pate.


Champignon Tartine –  Mixed mushrooms, truffle cream, swiss cheese, pickled Fresno peppers, chives, crème fraiche, fried kale, served atop a large slice of their housemade pain de champagne bread. No visit to a restaurant called Tartine would be complete without sampling the signature dish. Francois bakes a specific pain de champagne for this dish to get the large slice to support all the superb toppings. Authentic Gruyere cheese melts into glossy béchamel and imparts a nutty flavor that pairs so well with the medley of mixed mushrooms. The pickled Fresno Chili peppers add just the correct amount of heat and the fried kale topping adds a great texture, you could almost convince yourself you’re being healthy!!

Tallow Candle – Beef & Bacon Tallow infused with herbs, Rosemary & Garlic. As a Chef you can’t get much more creative than this, the infused Tallow is prepared with a lightable wick and as the Tallow melts (Very low melting point) the unctuous liquid soaks into house made bread. Just sheer brilliance.

Francois tells us that they are now open for Lunch, Dinner and Brunch service and although the main part of the transformation from Croissant Gourmet to Tartine is now complete there will be some finishing touches to the patio and signage over the next few weeks.

When you come across a restaurant as good as this it is easy to get carried away with adjectives and descriptions and we understand that tastes of food are very subjective, but we urge you to try Tartine for yourself. We are sure like us, you will want to become regulars.

Tartine is the perfect venue for that Valentines Meal, whisk your loved one away to a small part of France right here in Orlando.

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