The Boldest Brunch at Ace Café -100 W Livingston St. Orlando.

Biscuit 1The Boldest Brunch at Ace Café -100 W Livingston St. Orlando.

When restaurants and bars make claims such as “The Best Ribs” or “Biggest Nachos’” in Orlando you wonder if they might not be overstating their claim, so when we heard that Ace Café had declared that their Sunday Brunch was the “Boldest Sunday Brunch in Orlando” we had to check them out.

We have been to Ace Café before, when they still had their “Training Wheels” on; see that review at but now they are very much “Pedal to the Metal”.

We arrived around 11am and Brunch was already in “Full Swing”. We were greeted by Matt, a really friendly guy who told us all about the Ace concept on our way to the table as well as describing the service style and some of the dishes we could expect. Matt has either been trained very well or is just a “Natural”.

Then along comes Adriel, our server. As luck would have it Adriel served us on our last visit so a big “Welcome back” was her first introduction. For us and we are sure most of you will agree, a major component of any restaurant or bar experience is the server, get it wrong and no matter how good the food is the moment is lost. Adriel however got everything just right, one of the top service experiences we have had in Orlando.


Now for the food. Brunch is served “Buffet Style” so your server provides you with a clean plate each time you make your selection, armed with our plates we approached the two tables that were laden down with at least a dozen chafing dishes, offering at our count over 28 different dishes and sides. We think this definitely counts as BOLD!

Hash 1

The array of food is spectacular, ranging from Blueberry Compote French Toast (stand out dish) through Pastrami Hash & Poached Eggs, to Four Cheese Spinach & Artichoke Quiche and many many more. With sides of Pork Sausage, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Hash Browns & Texas Toast and Fruit & Cheese options they have got you covered. A veritable army of chefs and servers continuously replenish the items so that you should never be without your chosen food option.


But Ace Cafe don’t stop there, add to this a “Giant Bloody Mary Bar” where you can pair your Stolichnaya Vodka with all the fixings you want and also Bottomless Mimosas, makes Ace’s claim that they serve the ‘Boldest Brunch” in Orlando, is in our opinion, TRUE. Did we mention live Music? A live guitar soloist was creating the Sunday morning ambience, making a great day perfect.

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary 2

What did we like? All of it, but could not resist the Pastrami Hash and Poached Eggs with of course Pork Sausage and Applewood Smoked Bacon to satisfy some severe meat cravings. Second trip saw Backyard Biscuits & Southern Gravy fall onto our plates and as if by magic, more bacon. We rounded off the meal with an outstanding Blueberry Compote French Toast drizzled with Maple Syrup and Adriel just made us try a Lemon and Blueberry Cookie (so glad she did).



Here’s the Detail & Insider Tips:

  • The “All you can eat” Brunch is served every Sunday from 9am to 2pm, at a cost of $23.95 which includes Coffee, Soda or Iced Tea.
  • Kids under 12 years “All you can eat” is also available.
  • Giant Bloody Mary Bar $9
  • Bottomless Mimosas $12
  • Enter the restaurant through the doors under the tower, there is now a sign but you can easily miss it. Take any other entrance and you will bypass the host stand.
  • Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ and a Backyard Beer Garden are future additions, as is a Music Shack with nightly “Live” Rock & Roll.


Ace Café in Orlando seems to have very quickly established itself on the Orlando scene, in part because it is so much more than just a Café, it’s a veritable institution and a rite of passage for many motorcycle enthusiasts and “Gear Heads” around the world. As we have mentioned before, the tag line “There is always something happening @ the Ace” is so true, from featuring Great Food and Cocktails to Bikes, Bars, Cars, and Rock & Roll they have it all, hosting activities such as Meets & Events on their immense front parking lot to Festivals, a Motor Gallery and Memorabilia Store. They have some sort of “Meet” going on nearly every day or evening and ‘Live “music on most Friday & Saturday nights. Like most customers we will certainly return to Ace for some great food, a refreshing beer or cocktail and stay much longer than intended.

Making plans for the weekend? Make sure Ace Café Brunch is on your list!

Keep following us to find out what comes next at the “Ace”

Check the Ace Café web page for exact timings and pricing –