The Cheesecake Factory.


The Cheesecake Factory.

Just like admitting you had a poster of some random band on your bedroom wall as a teenager or owning up to that dubious item of clothing still hanging in your wardrobe, saying you like the Cheesecake Factory can be just as socially awkward. That is until you meet a fellow Cheesecake fan. Be the first to mention a recent visit and you will be invariably met with the response “Oh I love the Cheesecake Factory”.

The love and popularity of this restaurant chain is for good reason, the Cheesecake Factory was recently named America”s favorite casual dining restaurant in the annual Consumer Picks survey from Nation’s Restaurant News, after collecting survey responses on the dining  experiences of over 4,800 diners covering more than 173 brands nationwide.

The Cheesecake Factory story began in Detroit, Michigan in the 1940’s, when Evelyn Overton found a recipe in the local newspaper that inspired her “Original” Cheesecake. Fast forward to 1978 when Evelyn’s son, David Overton opened the first restaurant in Beverly Hills, California.

These days the restaurant chain has over 190 locations, more than 250 menu items contained in 21-page menu with over 50 signature cheesecakes and desserts.

So what makes Cheesecake Factory successful? Well a few words come to mind, Consistency, Quality, Vision, Generous portions, Handmade, In-house fresh ingredients, Legendary Desserts and Attention to detail. In fact, Founder and CEO David Overton tastes every new menu item himself, and has an innate business sense which lead him to invest in his people and training which have been the cornerstone of the Cheesecake success story.

Whilst, as with any chain the service will differ from location to location as the staff are empowered to deliver the company message, the authenticity of which lies with the individual server and whilst I have never really understood the décor, which seems to be a mixture of Egyptian, Medieval and Roman architecture with murals and art in support, it cannot be denied that there is truly “Something for everyone” at The Cheesecake Factory.

What do I like?

A seemingly simple item, the Honey Wheat Brown Bread, warm straight out of the oven with a spread of melted butter gets the meal off to a great start.

Chicken Madeira – Sautéed Chicken Breast with Asparagus and melted Mozzarella smothered in a Mushroom and Madeira sauce.

Fettuccini Alfredo – Perfectly cooked Fettuccini in a rich Cream and Parmesan Sauce.

California Guacamole Salad – (I add Salmon) Avocado, Corn, Black Beans, Feta, Guacamole Etc., Etc.

Bang-bang Chicken and Shrimp – A semi spicy Thai style dish with accents of Curry, Peanuts, Chile and Coconut.

And of Course Cheesecake!!!

Chris’ Outrageous Cheesecake – Layers of chocolate cake, chewy brownie, toasted coconut-pecan frosting & creamy chocolate chip coconut cheesecake. Oh, and any of the Peanut Butter Cheesecakes. Who am I kidding they are all great!

Insider Tips

  • Like what you eat? Want to replicate your dish at home? Go On line at the Cheesecake web page to get the recipes of home-style versions of the most popular dishes!
  • The SkinnyLicious Menu offers items that follow a more reduced calorific content trend.
  • View the “Super Foods” section on the menu for options containing nutrient rich selections
  • Download the Cheesecake app “Cake Pay” for speedy check payments and on line to go ordering where available.

Founder & CEO David Overton remarks that the Cheesecake Factory “reflects the taste buds of the common man” and I cannot disagree with his comment, the extensive ever changing menu results in a selection that would satisfy most of the nation. In addition, Cheesecake were supporting in-house fresh ingredients before it became the mantra for most quality establishments as it is today.

The Cheesecake Factory provide a well-proportioned quality offering from fresh on site prepared produce, at a very reasonable price so when I cannot think of any individual restaurant I want to go to I pick Cheesecake, as I can always find something to peek my interest in 21 pages of food!

I am a restaurant critic and “I Like The Cheesecake Factory ” There I’ve said it! Feel free to join me.


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