The Other Side of 4Rivers Smokehouse


The Other Side of 4Rivers Smokehouse.

You must have been living in a cave not to have heard of the phenomenally successful 4Rivers Smokehouse, the family owned business and brainchild of John Rivers that started life in a garage off Fairbanks Avenue back in 2009. Since its inception the accolades have consistently piled up year after year, and expansion plans have seen the brand grow to over a dozen locations and counting. John even found time to pen a bestselling book “The Southern Cowboy Cookbook”.

The quality and excellence of the 4Rivers product has been lauded in nearly every Orlando publication and beyond, and sampled by various critics far and wide, so needs very little addition from myself, but there does exist “The other side of 4Rivers” that generally gets overlooked, “Take Out”!

On my way home at lunchtime today, I felt the need for BBQ, and as I approached 4Rivers Smokehouse on Fairbanks I saw the usual line out of the door and around the side of the building. Undaunted I parked the truck and joined the queue, only seconds later to realize I needed a menu, so left the queue to pick one up from inside the restaurant door.

Now here’s the funny thing, I have been to 4Rivers many times but never noticed the “Take Out” door to the left of the main entrance, and what’s more no queue out of that door, only a couple of people in line inside. The menu is the same as the main restaurant, the service is very quick (my order took under five minutes) and the staff are great.

What did I get?

Signature Angus Brisket Sandwich with sides of French Fries and 4R BBQ Beans

Smokehouse Turkey Sandwich with sides of French Fries and John’s Potato Salad

Plus, pots of Sweet and Hot BBQ sauce

Cost $18 and change including tax, and represents a terrific value for money lunch

I could go on and on about the depth of flavors, the great combination of moist and lean Brisket, thick succulent slices of smoked Turkey but after winning Best BBQ two years in a row I guess it speaks for itself.

Here at the OFC we are dedicated to informing you about great places to eat, and although 4Rivers has been widely publicized and reviewed, I can think of no better recommendation of where to spend your lunchtime or less than $20, to sample some of the best BBQ in the USA.


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