The Parkview Artisan Meat & Cheese Platter 136 South Park Avenue Winter Park


The Parkview Artisan Meat & Cheese Platter 136 South Park Avenue Winter Park.

Some dishes just deserve a mention on their own, and although this platter appears simple, the construction of complementing ingredients and the sourcing of quality meats and cheeses demonstrates the finesse of the Parkview Executive Chef Brad Holmes. Brad conducted a virtual culinary trip around the United States, guiding us through the amazing meats and cheese’s that are currently part of the sensational “Meat & Cheese Platter” on the Charcuterie & Cheese Board section of the Parkview menu.

Whiskey Pork Sausage from South Carolina, Pork & Peanut “Southern Smash” from Atlanta and delicate Prosciutto, combine perfectly with a great selection of American Cheeses, difficult to pick a favorite but we both agreed the Red Wine soaked Goat Cheese was exceptional. Add to this an array of the Orlando favorite, Olde Hearth Bread and accompaniments such as “Sweetie Drops” (baby sweet peppers), Strawberry & Mint Jam from Smiling Goat, House made compound butter, Grapes, Olives, Caper Berries and Pickles and you have a feast fit for some serious wine drinking.

Brad tells us that he is constantly looking for new and interesting meats and cheeses to add to this menu section, so don’t be surprised to see some new flavor combinations. What goes well with meat & Cheese, well, wine of course and you have certainly come to the right place for some great choices, maybe compliment the platter with a “Prospector” wine flight that features selected red wines from California.

Think we may just do that this weekend and settle in for the afternoon.