TR Fire Grill – 1035 North Orlando Ave – Brunch Burger.

TR Burger

TR Fire Grill – 1035 North Orlando Ave –  Brunch Burger.

Is it just us or is “Brunch” getting even more popular than it already was?

We have had some great brunches lately and unfortunately some not so great ones, as you know we never linger on the negative only the positive, so on to TR Fire Grill.

A great addition to brunch menu’s that we see getting bigger coverage lately is the breakfast burger, morning burger or brunch burger, whatever you want to call it, the addition of bacon, egg and hash browns to a burger had got to make sense, right?

TR Fire Grill have introduced their own spin on this trend and called it the “The Sunday Morning Burger”.

Half Pound American Burger – (Short rib, brisket and chuck blend) Lake Meadow Natural Over-easy egg, White American cheese, hash browns, tomato jam, greens, pickles and fries –  You should know our thoughts by now on how intelligently mixing different cuts of meat when creating your burger takes it to another level. If not, be sure it does! The egg oozes into the hash browns and sort of soaks up all of that eggy, beefy flavor, so good we demolished ours in an embrassingly short length of time. The fries seemed of a thicker variety than our last visit and all the better for it.

There are many other things on the TR Fire Grill brunch menu, we just never got past the Sunday morning burger, but you could try Classic Eggs Benedict, Steak and Eggs, Chicken and Waffles, Morning Meatloaf and much much more. Don’t forget to peruse the pancake selection!

By the way, they now have a location in Waikiki Hawaii – good excuse for a vacation!

Brunch is served 11am – 2pm Saturday – Sun (check their web site for exact timings and offers)

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