Wine of the Month – April.


Wine of the Month – April.

This month we are featuring La Posta Pizzella Malbec. La Posta is the Tavern where the growers gather to share a glass of wine, and for us the Mendoza region of Argentina is the only region worth serious consideration when selecting a first-class Malbec.

The success story of Malbec is a compelling example of consumer power. Malbec started to become popular well over fifteen years ago, and the Argentinian variety was mainly consumed inside that country. It was only around the year 2000 when the cost of European wines increased that the USA wine shippers started looking for more affordable wine alternatives, that Malbec provided a great option.

It was then that Malbec became very popular among wine drinkers and its popularity spread through word of mouth, predominantly with consumers and not wine connoisseurs or sommeliers. In fact, Malbec was originally found more often in homes rather than in restaurants. It was the people’s choice and not the critics’ choice. This is why Malbec’s popularity is so powerful!

The Pizzella Family web site invites you to journey westward into the UCO Valley for a Sunday afternoon with their family. They state that there will be no agenda beyond the sun warming your skin and the air filling your lungs. You will sit at the family table and with each passing moment, you will become more of a part of it. And it will remind you of important work – to enjoy the simpler times.

Obviously conjuring up the perfect scenario for a couple of glasses of their amazing Malbec whilst filling your lungs with clean mountain air, or in our case Florida air!

La Posta Malbec is not only fantastic on its own but its characteristics make Malbec a perfect complement to Steak or anything grilled, especially meat and barbecue.

Here comes the Sommelier stuff: Beautiful red/purple color with aromas of black cherries, dark fruits, dark chocolate and spice. On the palate, the wine shows dense dark berry and plum flavors along with hints of sandalwood and spice, and even a hint of violets in the finish.

What do we like about La Posta Pizzella Malbec. Quite simply the depth of flavor, from the hint of spice and sandalwood to its dark red berry flavors, this Malbec is very distinctive. Even a novice wine drinker could pick this variety from a lineup of similar Malbec’s. This is a full-bodied and well- structured wine that is incredibly full of life, to be enjoyed with food and friends. Although not the most inexpensive Malbec on the market (Can be found for $18/$20 bottle) it is certainly one of the best.

La Posta Pizzella Malbec is currently available at the Wine Barn 959 West Fairbanks Ave. Winter Park (check web site for availability

If anyone knows of any restaurants in the Orlando area serving this La Posta Pizzella Malbec please let us know!


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