Wonton Asian Kitchen 1230 W Fairbanks Ave Winter Park

Wonton Chicken

Wonton Asian Kitchen 1230 W Fairbanks Ave Winter Park

Wonton Asian Kitchen is the most recent and welcome addition to the growing food scene along Fairbanks Avenue, the gateway to Winter Park. The service style is simple, choose your Protein, then choose the Dish Style, and then either take a seat and a food runner will deliver your selection to your table or you can easily take it away. The set up makes either eat in or take out dining a breeze as it is both simple, speedy and efficient.

The local owner operators of Wonton have backed this endeavor with years of experience in the restaurant industry and have taken an innovative approach to Asian cuisine by combining their passion for minimally processed food with the support of local growers, handcrafted sauces and fresh cut vegetables and meats. Normally this level of quality would be reflected in the price point, but Wonton have really hit the spot by offering most entrees for under $9!

The restaurant is bright and modern with plenty of tables, most with a view of the theater kitchen where the Wonton “Wok Masters “ work their magic. The great food we enjoyed on our visit included:

Chicken BulgogiChicken breast cooked in the Wonton signature sauce of brown sugar, crushed pineapple, caramelized onions and a splash of Palm Ridge Reserve whiskey from the Umatilla distillery. Served with white or brown rice, on a bed of rice sticks and topped with pickled carrots and daikon radish. We traded up to fried rice for only $.99 cents extra. This is a great dish and probably our favorite, the splash of whiskey really came through, a bit like your traditional Teriyaki but Wonton have kicked it up a couple of notches.

Steak Fried RiceSteak served with fried rice that combined tossed red bell peppers, carrots, broccoli, white scallions, house made sauce and local eggs. We chose a simple dish, so we could test the quality of ingredients unencumbered by sauces and Wonton really did deliver their promise. The steak was tender and succulent, and the fresh chopped vegetables shone through as both vibrant in color as well as taste.

Wonton Rice

The Wonton menu encompasses all your favorites from General Tso, to King Pow and Mongolian as well as a selection of “Hand Held” options, soups, desserts and salads. As you would expect from the name there is also a selection of Wontons, dumplings and rolls as great parings to your meal. (More about the Wonton selection in our next post) Kids have not been overlooked and have their own special section too.

The team at Wonton Asian Kitchen are super friendly and judging by the busy trading at our visit, with plenty of “Welcome Backs” and “Nice to see you again” they already seem to be a hit with the locals despite only being open for a few weeks. Wonton are still in “Soft Opening” mode and will have their “Grand” opening soon but don’t’ delay, good food does not have to be expensive and Wonton seem to genuinely care about the product and their customer. We wish them every success.

Wonton hours of operation for eat in or take out are Mon – Thursday 11am – 9pm and Fri – Sat 11am-10pm Closed on Sunday Tel: 407 853 5466