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Thanks to easy access of the Internet, your customers have made a ritual out of reading online reviews before making a purchase, patronize a restaurant or book a hotel room. This information allows them to make an informed decision when they decide how to spend their money and are more likely to seek this style of advice and read online reviews for their next restaurant visit than for their new bank. Banks are responsible for safeguarding hard-earned money, but according to a 2013 survey of local consumer reviews, the types of businesses that consumers most commonly read online customer reviews for are restaurants (61%), furthermore 65% percent of respondents said they’d be more likely to use a business which has positive online reviews.

Our readers and partners want to know what’s happening at restaurants like yours! interesting people who want to take the guess work of eating, and drinking in and around Orlando.

The Orlando Food Critic can offer a variety of services to the hospitality industry, and not just confined to identifying great places to eat and drink. Every restaurant has at least three major areas that must function well to achieve its potential for success.

  1. All those activities and customer interactions that take place every day in the kitchen, restaurant and bar. But what really happens? and how do your customers feel about your service, standards and offer. With our customer satisfaction measurement tools, we can match your typical guest demographic with specialist consumers in our national database of more than 200,000 households, to review your restaurant as atypical guest. You will receive real customer feedback the very next day to show you what’s really happening in your operation and how guests are reacting.
  • Confidential Employee Feedback Surveys. Your staff can be your greatest asset. Tap into your team’s insights and maximize response with our easy to use and cost effective on line survey program. We program your bespoke questions and set up secure links for your employees to complete the surveys. Plus, you will have 24/7 access to live reporting of the results.
  • Customer Perception and Tacking Studies Way better than comment cards, you will build loyalty and learn what your guests are really thinking using our on line survey program. Find out what turns your guests on and what turns them away, so you can retain and increase market share. Customize your survey questions and track customer habits at your operations as well as your competitors.


  1. Safeguarding cash. Safeguarding cash and operational cash management are paramount in all restaurants as there are so many occasions where these interactions can go wrong. Our Restaurant Integrity program protects your bottom line by putting licensed investigators in your bars and restaurants to spot theft, over service, over pours, under age service and many more actions. We learn your operational standards and observe with all legalities for your protection. Our clients have saved thousands of dollars with this service, not to mention increased security of your valuable liquor license.


  1. MarketingMarketing in its simplest form is getting the word out about the restaurant and positioning it correctly in the minds of the public. It includes, advertising, promotions and projecting the right image. In addition to our Positive Media Promotions Package where we build your business & manage your brand within social media by listening, monitoring, engaging, building, attracting and converting the general public into a loyal customer base, we can also support the following actions:


  • Individual restaurant advertisement banners on the Orlando Food Critic site.
  • We can come to your event or launch
  • We can contribute to your blog/magazine or newspaper

In fact, we would love to help!

We are all about the hospitality business, through our experience we know that businesses who are better informed about customers staff,trends and service outperform their competitors.

Please get in touch and find out how we can work together.

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